3 Chettinadu Dishes You Shouldn’t Miss At Urban Village Grill

By UVGrill
August 31, 2022

If you are someone with a thing for spicy food, then Chettinadu dishes are worth trying At Urban Village Grill. Tamil Nadu boasts of a brilliant variety of delicacies. But, Chettinadu preparations are top of the pile. The food of this cuisine is predominantly vegetarian due to the majority of Tamil Brahmins. On the other hand, it is also influenced by the chettinar community, which uses non-vegetarian elements.

The Chettinadu cuisine is fiery, hot, and pungent and packs a punch. It is flavorsome, lets the spices and food play with your taste buds, and makes for a heavenly experience. It is famous for using tomatoes and tamarind in its tangy dishes. Further, the spices used for Chettinadu dishes are freshly pounded. The spicy reputation of several dishes comes from ground pepper. Chilies, too, contribute to the savory flavors. Besides the other common spices include cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and star anise. The unique spices include Marathi moggu and kalpasi (stone flowers). A moderate amount of coconut is used in various gravies.

At Urban Village Grill, we serve some of the well-known dishes of the flavorful Chettinadu cuisine. 

Chettinadu Chicken

The Chettinadu cuisine would be incomplete without the Chettinadu chicken dish. This popular Chettinadu dish is a perfect blend of spices integrated with chicken. Popular for its use of spice and technique, which sets it apart from other chicken dishes. Soft and succulent chicken simmered in a medley of roasted spices and coconut, this dish is a must-try!

This curry from south Indian cuisine is one of the most ordered chicken curries in restaurants worldwide. The Ingredients that make this dish different from other curries are fresh coconut and freshly grounded Chettinadu masala. The coconut adds a refreshing taste to this dish, while the Chettinadu masala gives it a hot and spicy flavor. The other ingredients that make the masala flavorful are curry leaves, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, poppy seeds, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, and black peppercorn.

Shrimp Chettinadu

This finger-licking good South Indian-style shrimp curry is a treat for the culinary senses. It is a robust, bold, spicy curry that perfectly complements Indian bread and rice dishes. The dish includes everything one loves – shrimp, Chettinadu masala, and loads of spices. Then, we add A splash of coconut milk to the curry to calm the hotness.

Vegetable Chettinadu

Aromatic freshly ground spices make this Vegetable Chettinadu curry truly delicious by bringing out so many flavors. This dish is a Creamy and fragrant stew chock-full of crunchy vegetables. Adding coconut milk to this makes it richer and mows the spice from the re chilies a bit. Indeed, this excites everyone at the table. 

Experience the delicious taste of Chettinadu cuisine at Urban Village Grill

We have the best authentic and delicious Indian food. Everything at Urban Village Grill, from the taste and ambiance of the place to the music played, and the staff’s hospitality, takes one on a journey through India. We cook the Chettinadu dishes like chicken Chettinadu, shrimp Chettinadu, and vegetable Chettinadu perfectly as any other dish on the menu. You can reserve your table or order online. So, visit us to enjoy the delicious food.