Mouthwatering Chicken Tikka: You Must Try At Urban Village Grill

Looking for a spectacular way to spend your weekend with your family? Spend an enjoyable evening at Urban Village Grill, savoring the best chicken tikka. Chicken Tikka is the longtime favorite of all the delicious Indian dishes we serve. So, we serve the charred homemade chicken with peppers, lettuce, tomato, and onion.

Are you wondering what makes it so unique? Well, let us tell you.

What Is Chicken Tikka?

It means small pieces of boneless chicken. The word tikka means small pieces before being cooked. This delicious dish is marinated in spices and yogurt. So, the chicken tikka is first cut off the bones and then divided into small pieces.

Where Did Chicken Tikka Originate?

It grew out of the popular chicken tandoori dish made thousands of years ago in traditional tandoor ovens. The story goes that emperor Baburdidn’t want to choke on the bones of tandoori chicken. So, he ordered that the bones be removed first. The resulting dish has become quite popular in its way.

Chicken Tikka Dishes

As we previously mentioned, tikka means small pieces. It indicates that chicken tikka is merely a way of cooking chicken. We combine chicken with different sauces and ingredients to create different meals. At Urban Village Grill, we serve chicken tikka kabob platter (served with a choice of sauce fries, house salad, or rice) and chicken tikka urban wraps (served with a choice of sauce fries or house salad).

  • The main ingredients for preparing it include lemon juice, salt, spices, plain yogurt, and others. 
  • The dish the way it was originally meant to be enjoyed: marinated in yogurt and spices and cooked in a tandoor oven.
  • It requires boneless chunks of chicken essentially taken from the breast.

Cooking Procedure

First, smear boneless chunks of chicken in yogurt, lemon juice, and spices for marination. Then, put on skewers for grilling. Cook them until tender, and it’s ready to serve with sauce fries, house salad, or rice.

Many people don’t want spicy tikkas. If you don’t want spicy tikkas, you can skip or decrease the red chili powder. Or if you are short one of the spices, don’t worry; it won’t change the flavor drastically. However, vinegar is quite essential in this case. It is going to act as a meat tenderizer. Oil is also another important component as it prevents the chicken from drying.

How long should you marinate, ideally? Well, a minimum of four hours is necessary for all the spices to rub in really well. The reason is that it gives the vinegar enough time to react with the chicken and tenderize it. It also makes the top layer of the chicken tough. So, all the juices are sealed inside the chicken piece, giving you a flavorful, tender chicken tikka once it’s cooked.

The Best Dining Experience With Unique Indian Fusion Twist

Visit us with your friends and family and spend quality time with delicious food! Whether you are interested in trying chicken tikka for the first time or consider this flavorful dish an old favorite, you won’t be disappointed when you order it at Urban Village Grill. Also, the UVG is Colorado’s first Indian restaurant to feature outdoor tabletop grills.

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