Indian Cuisine: Five Dishes for the Spice-Intolerable Eater

By UVGrill
September 8, 2022

Indian restaurants are famous for their spicy and rich flavors. Spices like coriander, cumin, and cinnamon make authentic Indian dishes. This is why people who dislike spicy food tend to avoid Indian cuisine when they dine out.

Although, everyone enjoys mild dishes on the menu. Samosas and onion bhajis are light and tasty dishes that everyone can enjoy.
We have compiled five mild but flavorful Indian cuisine dishes. It will help when booking a table or ordering takeout from an Indian restaurant.

Tandoori Chicken

This Indian classic dish is delicious when prepared with the traditional tandoori marinade. It is a barbecue-style chicken served with mint or yogurt sauce. Many people also say it as tandoori murgh.
This dish is perfect for people who are not fans of overly-spiced foods. You can enjoy this mouthwatering dish with a side of naan bread or basmati rice. Sprinkle some fresh herbs and spices on top to make a simple meal out of tandoori chicken and rice.

Malai Kofta

We prepare malai kofta from cottage cheese, vegetables, and a smooth, creamy sauce. We serve it with an aromatic tomato sauce, basmati rice, and mashed potatoes.

This sauce is mild but full of flavor. It is an excellent choice for people who may be apprehensive about trying Indian food. You can take this malai kofta with naan bread. It is a flatbread that can grill to add a slight crunchiness to the dish.

Paneer Tikka

It is a crowd favorite. Paneer is a fresh cheese and is popular in Indian cuisine. So, we use paneer to make this creamy and tomato-based dish. Although this dish has a bit of spice, it’s mild enough to enjoy for people who dislike spicy foods. So, why wait? Visit us and order your favorite dish now.


Biryani is another rich and flavorful entrée in Indian cuisine with relatively mild spiciness. We prepare biryani from fragrant basmati rice. Though many people want this rice with chicken or lamb, we also have vegetarian options. It consists of proteins and fiber, thus, making it an excellent choice for dinner or lunch.

Ordering biryani is the best way to enjoy a hot meal without sweat on your brow. It has a rich flavor and pleasant aroma. Visit Urban Village Grill now and order your favorite biryani.

Chicken Korma

Korma is another mild dish in Indian cuisine. We prepare this curry with yogurt, aromatic herbs, and spices. Also, garlic, coconut, and turmeric give it extra flavor.

Indeed, korma is a very smooth dish with a creamy and subtle taste. It is a perfect dish for spice-intolerable eaters.

The Bottom Line

India is a land of many diverse cuisine and cultures. People use unique spices and herbs to prepare traditional dishes. Though, it’s possible to enjoy Indian food without spices if you know what to order and avoid.

Take a list of mild restaurant dishes with you when you plan to dine at a restaurant that serves authentic Indian fare. It ensures you that you’re getting a meal that you’ll enjoy.

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